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16 Years' Experience in handling Wills Variation, Estate and Trust matters

Serving Nanaimo and Vancouver Island


Huntsman Law* is a Nanaimo law firm with a dedicated team ready to serve your interests on Vancouver Island.

Timothy J. Huntsman**, Nanaimo Lawyer, focuses on Estates LawWills Variation and Estate Litigation

Noah J. Ross***, Nanaimo Lawyer, focuses on Family Law, Employment Law, Provincial Court (Small Claims) and Residential Tenancy matters.

Nanaimo Lawyers, Huntsman Law, Offers In Person Assistance
Nanaimo Lawyers, Huntsman Law, Offers In Person Assistance

In person assistance

Huntsman Law, Nanaimo Lawyers, Offers Phone Consultations.

Phone consultations.


Huntsman Law* strives to deliver high quality, cost effective legal services to its clients throughout Nanaimo and Vancouver Island. Our goal is to never lose sight of our clients’ long term objectives and aspirations. We believe that effective lawyers should always empower clients to make informed decisions.

Narrowing our focus enables us to stay in tune with upcoming legal developments while enhancing efficiency in our practice of law. We recognize the importance of providing legal services that reflect the needs and demographics of our community. We welcome the opportunity to work alongside you to resolve conflicts, prepare for your future and protect what matters.

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“We approached Mr. Huntsman when my mother- in-law passed away. She had set up a trust for the family vacation property. The trust contained the extraordinary condition that the property could not be passed on to the beneficiaries of the trust until the youngest beneficiary reached the age of 50 (2034)! More pressing, however, was that the trustee was denying our family access to the property, while his family continued to use it. Mr. Huntsman helped us sue the trustee for breach of trust. He guided us through the turmoil of this dispute. Mr. Huntsman was able to negotiate a resolution that saw the property divested to the beneficiaries in December of 2011 and the establishment of a Co-owners’ Agreement that specified our family’s majority interest in the property and set out the rights and obligations of the co-owners. We greatly appreciate Mr. Huntsman’s unwavering action during this upsetting situation and are completely satisfied with the conclusion he secured on this unusual disagreement.”

Gary R.

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*Denotes An Association of Law Corporations
**Denotes Timothy J. Huntsman Law Corporation
***Denotes Noah J. Ross Law Corporation