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Nanaimo Small Claims Lawyer – Assisting you with Small Claims Litigation

Nanaimo Small Claims Court LawyersIn British Columbia, civil law disputes for amounts less than $25,000 are heard in Small Claims Court which is a division of British Columbia’s Provincial Court. Any type of civil dispute can be heard in Small Claims Court.

At Huntsman Law* we recommend considering Small Claims Court for any litigation file which has a value within the range of $25,000, even if the potential value is somewhat over this amount because of the benefits of Small Claims Court litigation.

Trials and settlements are often reached much sooner in Small Claims Court than in Supreme Court, allowing clients to reduce the money spent on litigation while also increasing the speed of litigation. Litigation procedure in Small Claims Court has less steps than procedure in Supreme Court which means that the course of litigation is more predictable and less likely to cause you stress.

If you have a claim in Small Claims Court and wish to keep legal fees down, at Huntsman Law we can provide one-off services such as drafting a notice of claim or helping you prepare for trial while allowing you to retain conduct of the file.

To discuss whether Small Claims Court is a good fit for your legal dispute or obtain assistance with ongoing litigation, contact Noah at Huntsman Law.

Nanaimo small claims lawyer Noah J. Ross*** would be pleased to meet with you to discuss your small claims legal issue.

*Denotes An Association of Law Corporations
***Denotes Noah J. Ross Law Corporation