Great service and expertise in real estate transactions. Recommended.
"The Huntsman Law team is a highly respected group of professionals. I recommend Timothy Huntsman & his team to anyone requiring an estate, personal injury or real estate lawyer on Vancouver Island."
"Tim Huntsman is a knowledgeable and hard working ICBC lawyer that takes great care and dedication in not only your case but also in you and your specific needs. Having this team behind you while going through a Personal Injury Claim and helping to take the steps to get you back into your life is vital to recovery. I would recommend this dedicated team to anyone suffering through a difficult ICBC case and/or motor vehicle incident, Tim Huntsman is truly there for you each step of the way and so are his staff, they are absolutely some of the most wonderful and kind people you will meet and they take a very real concern for your hardships and do everything to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. (Lets face it, its not easy to do that in legal situations!) Thank you for everything Huntsman Law."
 "The Huntsman Law Team is a group of experienced and skilled legal professionals. Huntsman Law was able to assist me in receiving an equitable settlement from ICBC after a motor vehicle accident. Tim was with me every step of the way- from the initial meeting with the ICBC adjustor to the stressful process of discovery and mediation. If you are looking for an experienced trial lawyer who offers one to one support in order to navigate a complex legal system Tim and his team are that law firm. I am certain that without the support of Tim and his team I would not have been able to successfully settle my ICBC personal injury claim."

“When my father passed away my brother tried to position himself as the only beneficiary of his estate. I retained Mr. Huntsman to represent me. We sued my brother and immediately took the necessary steps to protect the estate assets. I was really happy with the financial outcome that Mr. Huntsman helped me to obtain.”

“Tim has been an excellent source of information and assistance to me in a matter concerning the legality of a will. He’s very easy to talk to and keeps you informed about all that is happening with your case. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tim as he’s done a great job for me.”

“We approached Mr. Huntsman when my mother- in-law passed away. She had set up a trust for the family vacation property. The trust contained the extraordinary condition that the property could not be passed on to the beneficiaries of the trust until the youngest beneficiary reached the age of 50 (2034)! More pressing, however, was that the trustee was denying our family access to the property, while his family continued to use it. Mr. Huntsman helped us sue the trustee for breach of trust. He guided us through the turmoil of this dispute. Mr. Huntsman was able to negotiate a resolution that saw the property divested to the beneficiaries in December of 2011 and the establishment of a Co-owners’ Agreement that specified our family’s majority interest in the property and set out the rights and obligations of the co-owners. We greatly appreciate Mr. Huntsman’s unwavering action during this upsetting situation and are completely satisfied with the conclusion he secured on this unusual disagreement.”